Interview Social Wrap-Up & Rev-Up

Want to add some zing to your recruitment process— you’ve got to shake it up, don’t stir!  On Thursday, November 15th, did just that for companies and job seekers in Chicago, with our first Interview Social & Networking Nightcap event held at the River North nightclub, Bevy.

City Staffing

The lovely ladies from City Staffing gearing up for the event. City Staffing specializes in temporary and temp-to-perm staffing to a range of industries.

Along with our premiere sponsor RIVS and silver sponsor CityStaffing, the notion of a typical job fair was transformed and turned it on its head, creating an inviting, casual atmosphere for job seekers, networkers, and recruiters to connect and build relationships.

While anything new can be a bit daunting, attendees quickly adapted to the casual chic setting complete with fusion house music, lively bartenders, and enthusiastic organizations waiting to connect and discover the person beyond the resume with every handshake and hello.

Networking at the Interview Social Event

Job seekers and networkers find time to connect and make new friends at the Interview Social event at Bevy.

We even heard rumors, post-event, that some job seekers already had calls the next day for interviews the following week.  A little upbeat news we’re sure put some pep in their step after an entertaining evening out on the job hunt.

A big thank you goes out to the participating companies who brought their A-game to the evening event.  It takes a bit of courage for a company to step outside of the comfort zone of a traditional recruitment process—but when it comes to discovering talent; it’s a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the game.

From tech startups like Cloudbakers to established brands like and Charles Schwab, everyone came excited and ready to mingle.  Skills for Chicagoland’s Future was in attendance and energized to share Chicago’s initiative designed to connect the city’s unemployed workforce with hiring organizations and close the workforce skills gap.


Cloudbakers gets social connecting with job seekers at the event.

If you were in the midst of a job hunt, companies were hiring for a myriad of positions, from sales to technology, HR to finance, legal, marketing, and more.  And, if the job opportunities didn’t meet your fancy, then the prime networking  held it’s own with possibilities of referrals, new connections with additional employers, or even a new friend to share stories, experience, and buddy up with for future events.

There was something there for everyone, even if your only dream was of being a television star—then you didn’t want to miss connecting with startup wecastTV who was in attendance.

Or maybe you were just looking to get out and about in the city and meet new people; aside from their open positions, Young Professionals of Chicagowas there to inform you about their mission of taking personal networking beyond small talk while investing in yourself and having fun in the process.

The team at (Classified Ventures) came out in full force to connect with potential job seekers.

If you missed out on our first event, don’t fret! will be hosting events throughout 2013, adding a twist to old recruitment methods and envisioning new scenarios for employers and job seekers to engage with each other and the budding ecosystem of talent and connectors that makes up Chicago’s fantastic networking scene.

Want to be a part of our next event?  We’re looking for partners, sponsors, volunteers, venues, fresh ideas, and more to keep spicing up the talent acquisition game.  Contact us today to discuss potential opportunities and upcoming events.  If you’re a company looking to participate, get in touch with us today to discuss your recruitment needs and challenges so you don’t miss out on a unique event experience to build your talent communities.

Our events will only be bigger, better, and more unique in 2013; be a part of the change in how employers and employees connect and examine their careers and build the workforce, and while you’re at it, put some fun back in your talent acquisition strategy and your job search.

For more coverage on our recent event, check out the write up by Annesa Lacey on

For more photos from the event,  check out our Facebook Photo Album.

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