Job Interviewing 101: How to Succeed in Different Situations [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know the average employer may receive upwards of 100 applications per job opening? In addition, even if an applicant does land an interview, it can be difficult to navigate through the process since every interviewer is different. So, how can job seekers ensure they are reading each situation correctly?

This infographic, compiled by Interview Success Formula, a program that helps job seekers to deliver powerful interview answers, illustrates how job seekers can read the most common types of interviewers and how to succeed in the process. Some takeaways to note include:

  • The average duration of an interview is 40 minutes
  • 60% of managers conduct video interviews
  • 34% of U.S. workers say they have a younger boss
  • 17% didn’t believe the employer was knowledgeable

Check out the full Job Interviewing 101 infographic below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Job Interviewing 101

What do you think? What are some other ways job seekers can succeed in job interviews?

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    Job Interviewing 101: How 2 Succeed in Different Situations [INFOGRAPHIC] from @interviewsuccess vinterviewingcomcom

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    RT interviewingcom How to Succeed in Different #Job #Interview #Situations vinterviewingcomc#careere#jobhuntunt

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    Thanks for sharing! This is fun and helpful.

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