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Indisputable facts of life:

  • Pizza Day was the best day of the lunch menu in grade school.
  • Offering free pizza will get anybody to show up to your event.
  • Pizza has the emotional depth to explain how you can feel at work.

Don’t believe that last one? Here are 16 times work can make you feel like pizza:

1. When you’re still waiting for a meeting room to empty out so your group can get in…five minutes after you were scheduled to start:

2. When nobody can decide where the group should get lunch, and you’re just like:

3. When you’ve already got too much work on your plate:

4. When a meeting is dragging onto its third hour and you were only asked to “sit in”:

5. When you’re checking your email on Monday morning:

6. When you’re trying to keep your presentation interesting:

7. When you decide you’re leaving work half an hour early:

8. When you ask for a raise and your boss says yes:

9. When you ask for a raise and your boss says no:

10. When your department gets a budget increase and you’re all like:

11. When you get Wifi in the entire building:

12. When you and the group were on different pages for the project’s goals:

13. When work pays for your entire business trip:

14. When nobody appreciates the extra work you did:

15. When you make a bad career exit:

16. When you work your way up to a career goal:

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