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1 – “How can I be guaranteed to be involved in projects critical to the company’s future?”

2 – “What does it take to be successful here?”

Here’s why:

“What does it take to be successful here?”

And then actually listen to the answer. Paraphrase it back to whoever answers it to show them you got it right. Summarize it so effectively that they say, “That’s right.” (And it’s critical they say “thats right” and notyoure right”.)

They will be impressed with your ability to listen. And if it’s one thing they want to know, it’s whether or not you can listen to the more seasoned hands in the company. After all, the people they selected to interview you are esteemed enough to be given the responsibility of bringing in new talent; or keeping those who don’t fit out.

Please understand, this is not “What are you looking for in a candidate?” That question is given to every graduate by every college and university on the planet. Asking that question makes you sound like just another face in the crowd.

One of my M.B.A. students from the negotiation class I teach at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of…

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