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25 Non-Career Websites to aid your job search

When on the hunt for a new job, we admit, it can get a bit boring and repetitious going from career site to career site looking for new tips and inspiration.  While we of course want you to stay here and scan all of our wonderful content, we thought we’d have some fun for those of you who just need a little break before you read another article about resumes or interview questions to get your re-motivated.

We’ve picked some of the best non-career sites from around the web to help you take a nontraditional approach to becoming more productive, more likable, and more hire-able   But, don’t take our word for it, explore some of the websites to aid your job search and learn for yourself:

Need to increase your productivity while updating your resume or filling out those job applications?  Studies have shown that looking at pictures of adorable baby animals can help!  Ready to get your fluffy animal fix on to help get through your day? Check out:

Sometimes we just need to be truly inspired by something to be willing to take that next step in our career.  Here’s a few of our staff favorites:

  • Soul Pancake  SoulPancake’s mission is to make you feel ‘damn good.’  And we happen to be big Kid President (who has teamed up with Soul Pancake) fans, and want you to be awesome!  Go ahead and take a look around, you’re practically guaranteed a smile.
  • Ted.com  Riveting talks from riveting people around the world—need we say more.  If you haven’t heard of TedTalks, where have you been!  Get there now!
  • Havard Business Review The blogs over at HBR are always covering a realm of interesting subjects that can be compelling to advancing your career (or just having something interesting to say at the next networking event.)
  • Standford Social Innovation Review  And for you non-Harvard buffs, there’s always the SSIReview to check out for inspiration.
  • LawsofSimplicity.com Laws of Simplicity is a blog on design, business, technology, and life by John Maeda that can help you put almost everything into perspective.
  • FreshAir We love FreshAir from NPR for it’s thought provoking and inspiring insights.  Listen on the radio or online.
  • RadioLab Another great radio show with a online home, RadioLab as they put it best, “…is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”
  • PicktheBrain Predominately geared toward women, we find much of the material found on PickTheBrain to be applicable to the average job seeker to ‘grow themselves.’

Still not quite over your grudge with your old boss or afraid you might spew a nasty employer secret in your next job interview, maybe this site can help:

  • TruConfessions Here you can read the real-life secret office confessions of other web goers (that perhaps won’t make your woes look so bad) and to get your own off your chest if you need to.

Feeling a little lack luster when you’re networking—not much to talk about?  Can’t figure out what defines you or makes your memorable?  The key to an interesting life and career is to be an interesting person.  Take a look at some of these sites to spark some conversation:

  • HowStuffWorks.com Want your mind blown?  HowStuffWorks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications, is the award-winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. <– Their words not ours.  But, why not have a resource at your finger tips that can tell you how your industry was started or how technology will change your job.
  • BrainPickings.org Straight from their website, “Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why, bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in — until you are.”
  • Springwise.com For your entrepreneurial types, this is the world’s largest idea spotting network generating stories, ideas, and inspiration around the globe.
  • Trendwatching.com  Need to know what’s going on around the world before your next interview or to spice up your cover letter noting current events?  Trendwatching.com will put you in the middle of their spotters network with what’s happening.  Especially good resource for those whose jobs depend on consumer trends.
  • WonderHowTo As they express it, they’re the ‘wonderland for your inner nerd.’  So the next time you wonder how to do something, take a look to see if it’s here, so you can impress an interviewer with your new made skills or just pull a good prank to have something to smile about before meeting a hiring manager.
  • ConferenceBites Get the latest tidbits of wisdom, knowledge, and humor happening at all the major conferences.  Know what people are talking and sharing about without ever having to leave your computer.

Need to connect with your homeboys or have some girl time?  We’ve got your gender themed inspiration too (although we find much of the content on both sites, applicable to all sets):

  • BroTips  Seriously, bro, does the site name not say it all.  Yep, it’s a site with nothing but humorous tips for bros, many applicable to networking and interviewing.  Have some fun and a little laugh but don’t laugh too hard when it hits a little close to home.
  • HelloGiggles Is a positive online community for women that is the brainchild of Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi.  Bring a smile to your face while discovering fun articles, DIY projects, and more to boost your confidence and mindset.

And a few sites to give you an edge:

  • Vizify Is a personal website powered by your data.  Remember when visual resumes where all the hype?  Think of Vizify as your online social/personal resume and then some on steroids.  It’s a lot of fun, and it provides one more outlet online for employers to get a glimpse of you.
  • SkillCrush Has all the latest tech hype made you feel like an antiquated job candidate or that you’re just late in the game?  SkillCrush will provide you the tools to jump back in and get up to speed.

Just need a break from it all? Try some of these sites:

  • GetSomeHeadSpace Headspace is meditation for modern life, teaching you how to take 10 minutes out of your day to experience a healthier and happier mind.  If you’re not up for their paid program, check out their blog for great tips, insights, and more interesting reads.  Don’t let meditation intimidate you; GetSomeHeadspace makes it accessible for everyone.
  • BuzzFeed Because we all need a little social news mixed with a heaping dash of humor to get through our day.
  • Despair.com Why, oh why, would we put such a thing as this on our list?  Because Despair.com makes demotivational posters that help us to laugh at our self and life.  Sometimes we have to hit bottom (or at least see it) and learn to laugh while lifting ourselves up.
  • FMyLife.com And because sometimes we just need a little schadenfreude to feel better about ourselves, visit FMygLife.com to see what everyone else is face palming about and realize how much better off you are some days.

Share your favorite non-career site for aiding job seekers in the comments below!

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