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When deciding who will join your next live video interview or in-person interview, it’s important to think about the interests of both the organization and the candidate.   Failing to choose a team that meets the needs of either side will create a one-sided experience.

Video interview software like RIVS allows hiring companies to include multiple participants during their candidate interviews.  Our clients are given five seats in the live video interview and can choose between candidates, co-workers, other recruiters etc. who fill those seats. Interviewers are also able to invite an unlimited number of observers for co-workers who would like to follow along with the interview but do not need to participate.

Organizations must choose participants who will represent the organization well, will ask questions that push the candidate to share valuable and analytical information, are knowledgeable about interviewing best practices and relevant to the role the candidate is applying to.

With the candidate’s interests in mind, the organization should look to add participants that bring a level of comfort and familiarity to the candidate.  It’s also important to include interviewers who the candidate would have direct contact with if hired on board during the live video interview or in-person interview.

Here is our suggestion for the three employees to consider for your next live video interview as well as in-person interview.

3 Employees to Include in Your Next Live Video Interview or In-Person Interview

Recruiter/HR Contact

The recruiter or HR contact was most likely the first person to reach out to the candidate.  They are also most always the candidate’s contact throughout the entire interview process.  Including the recruiter or HR contact for the opening will ensure the candidate feels comfortable and already “knows someone” during the video interview.  The Recruiter or HR contact will also be valuable in leading the conversation and video interview process.

Hiring Manager/Supervisor

It goes without saying that including the Hiring Manager or Supervisor is a must.  This person should know the open role better than anyone at the company, and should be able to ask the best questions.  They’ll also be great at answering the job specific questions that the candidate may have during the live video interview or in-person interview.

Department Co-worker

Including an employee who would be working on the same team as the candidate is extremely helpful.  Doing this starts the bonding process immediately. It’s important to include an individual the candidate would be working with during the live video interview so that the co-worker as well as the candidate can get a feel for the type of personality they’d be working with and make a better decision earlier on in the interviewing process whether or not it’s the right role for the candidate. The candidate can also learn what it takes to be successful, and can ask some specific questions about the job that may not be best for a supervisor to answer.  This person also understands what it will take to be successful with the organization and can help analyze the candidate further.

What do you think about the three participants we’ve listed?  Would you keep those three video interviewers or swap them with another role at the company? If video interviews is something you’re interested in and don’t already utilize, let’s connect!

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