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Video interviews provide a level of depth and insight into the candidate that they may not be aware of and that certainly assist recruiters in assessing them.

3 Important Candidate Insights You Uncover with Video Interviews

1. Level of Professionalism

First and foremost, the candidate’s approach to video interviews shows a great deal about their level of professionalism and whether they are taking the process seriously. Are they dressed appropriately or sitting in their sweats? Do they look presentable or like they just rolled out of bed? Especially given the fact that they don’t get the opportunity to directly interact with the recruiter, they should be (at least theoretically) trying to make their best impression. What about their environment? Obviously a candidate’s qualifications can outweigh a messy room, but when the candidate has the ability to set themselves up in the best light possible, if they choose to include piles of laundry or other inappropriate items in the background, it may be a sign that they don’t see that kind of clutter as a problem. For a recruiter, however, that may set off warning bells. Also, are they paying attention to the interview or are they checking their phones constantly? Again, ringing sounds may go off. And not just from their phones.

2. Eagerness for the Job

Secondly, how prepared are they? Obviously, the questions they are being asked will be new to them (as they would be if they were sitting in your office). But, the question is, did they put the time and energy and forethought in to have answers ready to any questions you might ask? Or did they see this somehow differently? Nerves can affect anyone and a great candidate can be stumped by a question she or he did not prepare for. But even if they are stumped, they should be able to take a second, compose themselves, and move forward in the interview. If the candidate is unable or unwilling to do so here, if they are stammering more than they are supporting their answers, and if they really don’t seem to have put much planning in to the process, that can certainly be insightful information for a recruiter.

3. Basic Technological Ability

Finally, how are they handling the interviewing process itself? For some candidates, this may be their first experience with video interviews. Are they following the process? Do they seem to be getting it? Or are they struggling at every step? If technology is a part of the job for which the candidate is interviewing, being able to manage the interview process itself does seem like a necessary skill, even if it is new. With a user-friendly platform like RIVS, if the candidate can’t seem to figure out how to make it work, they are not demonstrating a high level of any technical competency.

What else do you love about the insight video interviews gives you? If you don’t already utilize video interviews and would like to learn more, click here to schedule a one-on-one live demonstration of RIVS!

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