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When you sit in a room full of recruiters long enough, the sharing of war stories is just about a given.  Even the most inexperienced of the bunch can vividly remember periods of almost unending high-volume, and the strategies utilized to get through in one piece.  While some recruiters strive and enjoy these truly insane situations, others would rather completely steer clear and keep their staffing ship smooth and steady.

To help those who are tossed into the high volume recruiting waters, we’ve built a list of three interview questions that will help calm the storm.

3 Interview Questions to Identify the MVPs Among a Sea of Candidates

1.     Walk me through the first 5 things you would do if you got this job.

Wondering if candidates are awake and have done their research?  You’ll find out pretty quickly once you pop them with this one.  While they may not understand everything about your organization, hear their ideas and see what they can bring to the table.

2.     How does this position and our company fit in with your career goals?

This is another interview question that will demonstrate if they’ve researched or not, but will also clearly show if the candidate truly wants to work for your organization. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of which candidates are thinking longterm and avoid job hopping candidates.

 3.     Technical or skill based question with the behavioral methodology

Maybe you’re a phenomenal sourcer and your applicant tracking system is perfect, but it’s important to always ask candidates interview questions involving critical skills needed to perform the job. However, simply asking close-ended interview questions is no way to measure candidates.  A simple “yes” or “no” won’t help.  Utilize the behavioral method so that you can find out how the candidate reacted in a previous work situation.

Example interview questions:

    • “Tell us about a time when you had to code using XYZ.  What was the project?  How long did you have to complete the project?  What was the end result?”
    • “Explain a time when you were on the phone with an angry customer.  How did you use your customer service skills and abilities to resolve their issues?  What was the end result?”

What are some of your favorite interview questions for times of high volume? To learn more about how our clients successfully screen candidates, click here.

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