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Implementing video interviews into your recruitment strategy isn’t just about increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of hiring.  Well, it is, but it also makes life easier for another critical party involved in the hiring process – your candidates!

Ensuring that candidate experience is positive is one thing that can help transform a good company into a great organization.  While some people may believe that job seekers should feel lucky to even get an interview, we don’t believe that’s how to treat interested candidates who are investing their time in an organization.  Paying attention to candidate experience leads to becoming an employer of choice, a greater pool of applicants, stronger candidates, and high performing employees.

Incorporating video interviews into your hiring strategy is one way to invest in candidates and provide a positive experience that is so critical.  Here are 3 reasons why candidates love video interviews.

3 Reasons Why Candidates Love Video Interviews

1.  Video Interviews Saves Candidates Time  

Candidates appreciate the convenience of a video interview.  Not having to drive on-site and take a half or full day off from work will really leave your candidate smiling and feeling like the company has their best interests in mind.

2. Video Interviews Show Candidates That Organizations are Innovative 

Candidates are used to the traditional interview process and will be excited to see something different.  They’ll be impressed with the technology and will be excited to work with a company that is innovative in their processes.

3.  Video Interviews Are Less Intimidating

Meeting a handful of people by itself can be intimidating, but when you toss in a completely new environment, some candidates may feel overwhelmed.  Calm and relaxed candidates normally perform much better throughout the interview. Being in a familiar setting during a video interview may help calm the candidate perform that much better.

Out of the three listed above, which do you think is most important to your candidates?  Are we forgetting about any other reasons why job seekers love video interviews? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with us to try video interviews with your candidates as well! 

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