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You have a specialized position open that’s either not attracting any applicants, or the applicants it is attracting are low quality. As we discussed in the trends for 2016 blog post, quality of hire is on every recruitment teams’ mind this year, but 46% say that finding candidates in high demand talent pools is their greatest obstacle in reaching that top talent. Many factors affect the type of candidates who apply with your company, and while not all of these thing are in your control, your interview process certainly is. Here are three reasons why video interviews are an option that attracts higher quality candidates without a major investment.

3 Reasons Why Video Interviews Result in Higher Quality Candidates

Candidates Don’t Need the Day Off

Passive, highly sought after candidates and working candidates don’t have to dip into their personal days when interviews are conducted via video. There are many time constraints that the candidate considers when scheduling interviews, one of which is whether they need to use limited paid time off to attend an interview. With video interviews, their options expand greatly. An extended lunch hour or an after-hours interview is much easier when the candidate doesn’t need to physically be in your offices for an interview. The less energy and money they need to invest in the interview, the more likely it is that they’ll at least express some interest in the job position you’re trying to fill.

Candidates Can Interview with Ease

An emphasis on candidate experience results in a net gain for your company, even if you don’t hire them. A report by Brandon Hall Group indicates that 30 percent of companies that focused on making the candidate recruitment process a quality one saw those employees become much more engaged with the company. If you already have a good candidate on your hands, you end up with a great one when they feel like you value them even before you gave them a job offer. Video interviews enable candidates to interview from the comfort of their home. Making the recruitment and onboarding process smooth and welcoming for a candidate makes it more likely that the candidate refers former colleagues and co-workers to the company. If your candidate could also be a client/buyer, the candidate is more likely to use your company’s brands in their day to day life.

You’ll Save Time

Recorded video interviews help weed out unsuitable candidates before they get to the live interview stage. Are you getting a lot of candidates, but only 1 out of 100 actually suits your needs? Before you waste the HR department’s time with multiple fruitless interviews, consider asynchronous video interviews. Your interviewer records one video that is sent out to all applicants in the first stage of the interview process. They record their responses and send it to HR. Your interviewer has the opportunity to go through each video at their leisure and cut out any unsuitable for live video or face to face interviewing.

Video interviewing conveys many benefits to your company, especially when it comes to the elusive hunt for high quality candidates. You stand out from your competitors by offering flexible interviewing options that are mostly on the candidate’s terms. This helps them feel comfortable right at the beginning of the process, all the way to the end. Not only do you reap the benefits of attracting perfect candidates for the position, you also enjoy having them think more highly of the company culture, brand, and the job itself.

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