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Are you spending a fair amount of time with your video interview software, screening candidates and rocketing towards hiring decisions?  One of the hardest challenges is balancing the need to let your personality show, with your need to interview candidates remotely.  With countless video interviews in our rear view mirror, here are three suggestions for letting your unique personality and your company’s culture shine when you use video interview software.  We think getting this right leads to candidates that feel a more natural “fit” with you and the company.

#1: Have a Prop

Ever find yourself in the office of an acquantence and spot something on their desk that leads to an interesting conversation?  An award?  A picture?  Something that shows pride in a culture, city, or school?  You’ve probably noticed how a casual conversation can ease the mood and lead to a more productive conversation.

With video interview software, the trend is similar: the most experienced interviewers are sure to have something conversation-worthy in view.  Perhaps a whiteboard that is filled with intruiging product sketches, or some art, or a backdrop that shows a fun or interesting part of your office, or even a meaningful lapel pin on your jacket.  Anything.  Having some personality is part of what makes a video interview feel comfortable.

#2: Share Your Screen

We love seeing interviews that involve some practical element of showing off the kind of work that happens in the office every day.  Got something on your screen that you can show — an app or a project or a diagram — something that gives a peek into the product or service that is the essence of your company’s existence?  Show it off and use it as a shared visual as you talk through a practical interview question.  Screen sharing that gives a practical view of anything that relates to the day-to-day job responsibilities is sure to get the full attention of the candidate, and most likely elicit some insightful reaction as they imagine what it might be like to have the opportunity to join the company.

#3: Vocal Variation

We’ve all sat slumped in the audience of a talk where a presenter is monotonous and forgettable.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve all been on the edge of our seats at a presentation where the speaker is engaging and memorable.  What’s the difference?  Probably many things, but one of the simplest — and one of the most important when using video interview software — is to avoid sounding monotonous.  Get excited, and let your vocal variation show it (nobody does this better than an experienced toastmaster)!  The impact on your conversation will be noticable, and you’ll feel more natural too — because you’ll be interacting with the same level of enthusiasm and focus as you would if you were having a spirited interaction with a valued colleague.

Video Interview Software & You

If at first these techniques seem unnatural, just remember that your first impression on the candidate is just as important as the candidate’s first impression on you.  Only when both impressions are terrific do you get the most out of the talent acquisition process.

Have any tips of your own, about making a great impression when using video interview software?  Drop us a line in the comments.  Want to know more about how our software works?  Head over to our demo page to get some 1:1 time with someone from the RIVS team.

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