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While RIVS is the preferred digital interviewing platform among K-12 school district recruitment teams for hiring teachers, administrators and support staff, we have recently seen a strong interest from private schools and higher education institutes looking to use digital interviews for admissions. To give admission directors an idea of how digital interviews can help them in their student admissions process, we’ve mapped out the following ways our clients in higher ed are utilizing digital interviews to identify quality applicants:

3 Ways Admissions Teams use Digital Interviews to Identify Top Applicants: 1. An application with a personal touch

Digital interviews enable recruiters and applicants to connect at the onset of the application process. Video, voice and written interviews help applicants add a personal touch in the way that they tell their story, which helps to reveal their personality and cultural fit for the school. From the admission team’s perspective, they are able to gain a deeper insight into an applicant’s ability to succeed at the school earlier on in the applicant process and push top applicants through the process faster. The amount of information admission teams are able to glean from an applicants’ digital interviews helps reduce the amount of time they…

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