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We’ve discussed how interview software has logistical benefits in the interviewing and hiring process, but interview software has emotional benefits as well. A job interview can be a stressful experience, regardless of what side of the desk you’re sitting on. For candidates, stress comes from trying to avoid making any of the “common” interviewing mistakes while putting their best foot forward, and hiring managers contend with the stress of trying to find the best candidate for the job and avoid a costly bad hire. Luckily, interview software like RIVS offer tools that can help reduce the stresses of interviewing and make the hiring process more effective for both candidates and hiring managers.

3 Ways Interview Software Lessens Interview Stress

Get a Second Chance at a First Impression

In the professional world, there is a great deal of importance placed on candidates and recruiters to make a strong, positive first impression on the other party. According to a CareerBuilder study, respondents who watched only the first 30 seconds of an interaction between a candidate and their interviewer gave incredibly similar assessments of the candidate’s overall performance as the interviewer who had spoken with the candidate for over 20 minutes. In other words, that’s a lot of pressure on having a good first impression for both the candidate as well as the recruiter who wants to sell the company to a top candidate. A good first impression isn’t just determined by a firm handshake and eye contact; factors like appearance, tone of voice, and body language also play important roles.

Fortunately, interview software takes some of the stress out of an interview’s initial interaction between candidates and recruiters. With features like one-way video interviews, recruiters can set up job workflows catered to each type of open position so that every candidate applying for a certain role is having the same interviewing process and being asked the same interviewing questions. Recruiters can feel at ease knowing that all of their bases are covered and even add their own branding, custom emails and welcome and goodbye messages to make the same great impressions on each candidate.

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From the candidate’s perspective, interview software allows them to complete the digital interviews like one-way interviews on their own time from the comfort of their own home. If recruiters allow for candidates to see their one-way interview questions before the interview, candidates have time to prepare their answers so that they are providing their best responses rather than rattling off the first answer that comes to mind. Recruiters have more accurate insight into a candidate’s true personal skills and potential, decreasing their chance of passing up a top candidate because of a single bad first impression.

Avoid the Scheduling Nightmare

Scheduling an interview can be an incredibly time-consuming and stressful task for busy recruiters and candidates alike. Recruiters are all too familiar with the headaches associated with the back and forth between multiple prospects, trying to set a time and date during work hours when both parties are available, and dealing with any travel costs that might come with far-away candidates. For candidates, the stress of being flexible to match a time that works best for the recruiter and the subsequent anticipation felt waiting for the interview can distract from the more important aspects of the interview.

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With interview software like RIVS, scheduling interviews becomes a simple step in the interviewing process rather than a process in and of itself. Applications like the RIVS scheduling tool allows candidates self schedule based on recruiters’ set availability in their RIVS calendar. Self scheduling reduces the amount of tedious back and forth planning for live video interviews and in-person interviews and the scheduling tool sends email and text reminders to make sure candidates don’t miss their opportunity. 

A Second Opinion: Better for Everyone

Sometimes during an interview, no matter how much a candidate or recruiter may think they have prepared, something beyond their control happens that affects the direction of the interview, and often not in a good way. According to an article from Business Insider, there are several uncontrollable elements that can unconsciously influence a recruiter’s opinion of a candidate, such as the weather, the time of the interview, and the number of other interviews scheduled for that day. Since a candidate is typically interviewed by one recruiter at a time, it may only take one external element to potentially influence a recruiter’s decision to pass up on an exemplary addition to their team.

Interview software helps recruiter make collaborative hiring decisions by enabling them to share interviews with other colleagues. This allows for some fresh and unbiased new perspectives on a candidate. A collaborative reviewing process can alleviate some pressure from the interviewer, and gives the candidates more chance to be considered.


Interview software is changing the hiring game by elevating the interviewing process for recruitment teams and candidates. If you’re ready to create a less stressful interviewing experience for your team and candidate, schedule a one-on-one meeting with RIVS to discuss how digital interviews can help!

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