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Hiring interns or employees right out of college is a very intricate process. Some employers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to secure space at campus recruiting job fairs and to advertise their vacancies. Since this isn’t always possible, many employers miss out on the best candidates. Video interviews offers a solution to this problem and many more. In fact, the Wall Street Journal lists video interviews as one of the fastest rising methods of recruiting candidates. Below are three ways that video interviews can improve your college recruiting strategies.

The 3 Ways to Use Video Interviews for Campus Recruiting Prior to Visiting the Campus

When it comes to recruiting students, there are several obstacles you must work around for the recruitment process to be successful. One obstacle is the sheer amount of campuses you have to visit before finding the right candidates. The cost of travel alone is pretty steep, and the ROI isn’t always worth it. Video interviews offers a unique advantage in this case, since it allows you to screen multiple students before meeting them. If you don’t find qualified students at a specific campus using this method, you may decide that it isn’t worth traveling…

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