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While many college students choose a major based on their future career ambitions and goals, it is also a smart idea to think about which fields of study teach other skills such as how to communicate effectively, think logically and solve problems. From the ability to clearly and confidently answer questions during job interviews to planning day-do-day life, certain college degrees will provide you with skills that will be incredibly useful later in life.

With this in mind, the following four degrees can help boost communication and other useful skills to help you nail your future job interview.


In order to become a successful lawyer, effective oral communication skills are vital, notes Michigan State University. Pursuing a pre-law degree will give you excellent opportunities to learn and perfect the ability to speak clearly and persuasively. In addition, a pre-law degree can help you learn to think logically and teach you to effectively solve problems.

Classes are not the only place to learn these skills. If your schedule allows it, you also may wish to sign up for the college debate team, which will help prepare you for the type of oral communication that is commonly found in a court of law. Pre-law degrees also generally require students to take public speaking courses, which will teach you to deliver compelling oral arguments, and also give you invaluable experience talking in front of an audience.


From kindergarten teachers who are helping a room of 5-year-old kids learn what sound a “B” makes to high school teachers who are inspiring a love of biology, teachers are communicating with their students all day long. They then pass these skills to their students. As College Online claims, becoming an educator involves much more than simply learning the subject matter; it also focuses on showing students how to communicate in a meaningful way. In addition to classroom time, teachers learn how to effectively budget their time, organize lesson plans and understand children with different backgrounds. These skills will serve graduates in education inside and outside of the classroom.

Public Relations

People who work in public relations typically work with both an organization and the media by helping to get word out about the products or services the company offers. To do this job effectively, outstanding oral communication skills are vital, and as Everything PR states, students will learn techniques that will help them speak with members of the media and how to sway public opinion. In addition, students will learn how businesses function and how to navigate through the business world. These skills can serve graduates in other fields of interest including government, business and corporate careers.


For college students who want to learn how to speak with confidence, a communications degree is a logical choice. As WorldWideLearn explains, a major in communications will teach you to present a convincing argument with the appropriate medium. Communications focuses on a lot of the same coursework as public relations as well as aspects of journalism, marketing and business management. Those who major in communications leave college with knowledge of how to speak effectively with others, which will be a major asset during any upcoming job interviews.

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