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Recruiting top talent can be arduous and expensive, and today more than ever staffing firms and human resource (HR) professionals need to have visibility into cost and time spent on the recruitment process in order to eliminate inefficiencies and potential leakages from the bottom line. Where do those inefficiencies come from? To make a great hire, firms must devote time to seeking out the right fit, and during this time, productivity often suffers from not having the position filled and from dealing with the time consuming steps of interviews, assessments, and background checks. Other costs, such as advertising and branding a job through organizations like CKR Interactive and Success Communications Group, can also add up quickly.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the right insight about how to easily make their recruitment process more efficient. But by considering these four simple tips, it’s possible for a company’s recruitment process to improve by leaps and bounds.

4 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Recruitment Process Go more in depth on job posting.

The recruitment process begins with the job posting, and while some companies just toss up an ad seeking people with certain levels of education and experience, what seems to be…

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