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You spent your entire life told that you would never get a good job without a college degree. Now you have the degree but you’re still unemployed, a plight shared by over 30 percent of recent college graduates, according to analysis by Northeastern University’s Andrew Sum. These days, you move where the jobs are, focusing on the highest job-growth cities to get a shot at doing what you’ve always dreamed about. Of course, you know all the tricks for settling in quickly, such as finding a place to live on easy-to-use websites like ForRent.com and making new friends through Meetup.com. The only question now is where to move.


Texas’ job situation continues to grow, with plenty of attractions to entice recent graduates. Austin is a creative powerhouse that is also served by Google Fiber, helping to improve the technological scene there. Austin has an incredibly unique culture and style that’s all its own. Houston also has a lot to offer the recent graduate, and the smaller cities all around these two areas have plenty of low cost housing opportunities. The major growth industries in Texas include oil and gas, technology firms, manufacturing, retail and housing-related businesses, according to the Dallas News.


At the beginning of the recession in 2008, Arizona took a massive hit to house prices and its unemployment rate. These days, Arizona has turned everything around and is a frequent sight on the highest job growth markets in the United States. Arizona has stunning natural sights, low humidity, hundreds of miles of lakes and rivers for fishing and outdoor recreation, stunning ski slopes, and many historical sights. The Arizona housing market provides plenty of opportunity to find rooms for rent when you want to settle in for a shorter commute. The main industries seeing growth in Arizona include residential construction, financial, natural resources, mining, information, education, health and business services, according to AZStats.gov.

North Dakota

North Dakota isn’t a state that many recent graduates think of when they start their job hunting, but you are missing out on one of the hottest job growth markets in the United States if you don’t take a look. The state has a great quality of life if you love the outdoors, whether you are into hunting, fishing or hiking. You usually have to venture only a few miles outside of the cities to find natural, breath-taking beauty. North Dakota’s massive job growth comes from two industries: oil and wheat. In addition, industries closely related to these two also see rapid growth, such as transportation and wholesale goods, according to CNN.

North Carolina

North Carolina combines high job growth with many worthwhile locations to live. Like the other southern states, it’s an amazing place to live if you want access to natural beauty right outside of your doorstep. In addition, it has plenty of beaches, growing major cities that have more than enough culture and nightlife for many college graduates, and cities like Raleigh offer great low cost housing and rentals. North Carolina’s job growth is focused on technology and biotech thanks to the Research Triangle Park area, according to Thrive NC. Some of the state’s specific flourishing industries include advanced manufacturing, aviation, financial services, and green energy.

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