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The demand for high-quality candidates for manufacturing roles is growing and recruiters are rethinking their strategy to screen candidates. As the job market tightens, it becomes increasingly essential for recruiters to be proactive and aggressive in their hiring methods, yet finding well qualified talent seems harder than ever. Asking the right questions – in the right manner – ensures the very best outcome.

After a very basic scan of incoming resumes, it’s a must for hiring managers to schedule interviews for their would-be employee.  But, once you get them in front of you, what questions should you ask to determine if they are truly qualified for the intense, hard-working positions you are offering in the manufacturing sector? Resumes aren’t enough to bring out the true qualities candidates offer, but through these questions asked during an interview, it’s possible to gain a considerable amount of information quickly. The following are important questions to ask when screening for manufacturing positions. Depending on the position, these questions afford the hiring manager with far more depth than a traditional resume can offer.

4 Interview Questions to Screen Candidates for Manufacturing Roles:

#1: What is an Item Master?

Screen candidates for their knowledge in the field by asking them terms specific to the position they are applying for. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of who has previous experience and who may need additional time onboarding.

#2: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in previous manufacturing positions? How did you overcome these challenges?

In manufacturing, problems with supplies, equipment, factory overhead and special parts, as well as managing coworkers can pose challenges to manufacturing professionals on a daily basis. Ask candidates about times they’ve encountered challenges and how they overcame them to screen candidates for their ability to work through tough times.

#3: Tell me about a time you encountered change to your job. How did you adapt?

One of the most important pieces of information you need as a hiring manager is whether or not the candidate will adapt to the ever-changing environment on the manufacturing floor. From compliance and regulation changes to comprehensive tech upgrades, changes are continuous. Screen candidates for their outlook on change. Look for candidates who see change as an opportunity to improve in their role.

#4: What steps are necessary for effective QA?

Even those just starting out in the manufacturing industry need to know the value of quality assurance. Sampling, process control, troubleshooting and other steps are a requirement and are expected. Screen candidates for their ability to work hard and honest every day as well as hit deadlines.


Manufacturing teams are a major part of an organization and if one individual on the team is lacking or not doing the job right, the whole team is affected. Recruiters need to screen candidates with a well thought out questions as a part of their overall interviewing strategy. To learn other ways how you can amplify your screening process schedule a one-on-one meeting with a RIVS team member here. Let’s create the best manufacturing team for your organization together!

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