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When I made my first foray into the big bad job market, I had some pretty crummy experiences. Sending out my resume, leaving a follow-up phone message and then getting in response: nothing, nada, zip. Not even the courtesy of a cursory “No, thanks.” Or being interviewed by an underling with sadistic impulses who asked me rote questions and then barely paid attention to my answers. I came away from those experiences and others equally demeaning with a real respect for the companies that treated me like a serious adult with something to offer, even if my talents weren’t a good match for their needs. Now to present day after being in the recruiting industry for many years. Guess what?

Too many organizations and leaders still don’t get it: the way you treat your job seeking candidates matters in your recruiting process.
A lot. It’s a reflection of who you are as a company and a leader. It reveals a great deal about how you run your other processes. It’s an opportunity to enhance your brand in the world of HR and beyond. In fact, it’s so important there’s an award – the Candidate Experience Award – given out by the Talent Board, a non-profit dedicated…

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