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The retail industry has one of the highest turnover rates among employees, and the best way for recruiters to fight an increasing rate lies in the ability to screen candidate with the right interview questions. The most successful retail recruiters have a streamlined interviewing process constantly in motion with strategic interview questions to screen candidates by identifying top talent who has the potential to stick around for the longest haul. To help you identify the best retail candidates, we researched the following interview questions you can use to screen candidates in your next interview:

4 Types of Interview Questions to Screen Candidates for Retail Roles


Hiring candidates who are passionate about their job and the company is the first step in setting them up to succeed in their role. Dan Finnigan, President and CEO of Jobvite, believes that “passion fosters progress” and the best way to spot passion in a potential hire is to ask the right questions during the interview. Dan screens candidates by asking about why whatever they have accomplished makes them proud. “I’m looking to discover whether or not this candidate is the kind of person who wants something enough, and cares about it enough to continue to persevere through difficulties to reach the company’s goals,” Dan said. Screen candidates for their passion to understand how much they want the role and to work for the company. Their passion should align with the organization’s mission or responsibilities within their role.

 Customer Service

The role retail recruiters are hiring for most are are entry level, temporary and part time customer service roles. Screen for candidates who possess the skills to excel on the store floor, over the phone or via email when talking with a customer. Screen candidates with questions like, “What does excellent customer service look like to you?” or “What is your customer service philosophy?” to get a better understanding of how the candidate approaches customer service and how well the individual can work with customers. Because customer interactions are the most important part of customer service, J. Crew screens candidates point blank with, “What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for anyone?” This question may appear quite forward, however it addresses how the individual prioritizes others as well as their definition of “nice.”

Career Goals

In high turnover roles, it’s important to screen candidates with questions about how they see themselves progressing over the next couple of years to assess whether or not the candidate plans to stay with the company. To avoid turnover, screen candidates based on their aspirations to grow in the role by asking questions like, “What are your career aspirations?” You must know candidate career goals to know if your organization can help them reach those goals or not.


You may have heard retailers asking outlandish questions like Bed Bath & Beyond who asks their Sales Associate candidates, “If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?” Or Trader Joe’s who asks candidates, “What do you think of garden gnomes?” While these questions may seem bizarre, Author Lynn Taylor says employers who ask questions beyond experience and strengths are trying to reveal the “unfiltered candidate.” “How [candidates] interpret the random questions can say a lot more about [the candidate] than any one traditional question,” she explains. You may not actually care what box of cereal a candidate chooses, but you do care to screen candidates for the candidate’s personality, sense of humor and ability to think on their feet.


A well-thought-out and strategically streamlined interviewing process helps retail recruiters constantly interview and screen candidates for high turnover positions without reaching for the Advil bottle you keep in your desk drawer. If you’re interested in how RIVS can help you streamline your interviewing process and make sure you’re asking candidates all of the right questions schedule a demo with us here.

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