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Digital interviews help recruitment teams cut travel cost while while finding the right candidate for the open position. Below, we hashed out 4 ways digital interviews can save your recruitment team on travel costs.

4 Ways Digital Interviews Cuts Travel Costs

1. Face-to-face connection at the onset of the interviewing process

The point of traveling to meet with candidates or paying for candidates to travel to you, is that at you can meet with the candidate face-to-face to identify whether or not the candidate is right for your organization. Digital interviews allows you to get face-to-face connection without the travel. Set candidates up with a live or one-way video interview and you will still get insights into candidates’ verbal and visual communication skills.

video interviews

2. Spend time with only qualified candidates

Instead of flying in all of your prospect candidates, fly in only the top finalists for the role. Digital interviews help recruiters qualify candidates before bringing them in for an in-person interview so that organizations aren’t spending travel money or time to bring in candidates who aren’t qualified. Digital interviews help recruiters identify top candidates at the onset of the interviewing process so that teams can reduce costs by only covering travel for finalists.

3. Share top candidate interviews online

Digital interviews can be recorded, so that you don’t have to bring candidates back to meet again. You can review info in their candidate profiles at any time in the day and share top candidate interview responses with hiring managers and other key decision makers. This way you can save on your team’s time and money (as well as the candidate’s!).

4. Widen your candidate pool without traveling to other states

If candidates know you’re willing to let them interview from their home, they will apply for jobs they might have skipped over before. The ease of sending and completing digital interviews allows recruitment teams to tap into talent pools around the world without the extra travel cost.

Boston to San Fran doesn’t sound so bad now does it? When you leverage digital interviews you’re creating a leaner interviewing process and attracting candidates near and far. You can still have face-to-face interactions with a candidate, but they don’t have to fight traffic or hop on a plane.

What do you think? To learn more about how RIVS can help you save on travel, schedule a one-on-one meeting with an account executive here.

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