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The purpose behind digital interviews is to help recruitment teams discover top talent while saving time and money. Recruitment teams shouldn’t have to be worried about budget or constantly on the road trying to connect with candidates. The following are four ways digital interviews save recruitment teams time and money:

4 Ways Digital Interviews Save Time & Money

Cut Travel Costs

Digital interviews make it possible to connect with candidates at any time from any location. Recruiters simply make a template of interview questions that they would like candidates to respond to in either video, written or voice format and send to candidates in any part of the world for them to complete on their own time. If a recruiter would like to connect with a candidate directly, like an in-person interview, the recruiter can interact with the candidate on a live video interview. By being able to connect with candidates from any location at any time, recruiters can tap into different talent pools without investing in travel time or money bringing the candidate out to interview.

Quick Screening

One-way digital interviews help recruiters screen quickly for the candidates that they want to move forward to a live video interview or in-person interview. The amount of information gleaned from one-way interviews helped Central Consolidated Schools hire 23 top quality teachers and reduced their time to fill a position from 30 days to 13 days in only 5 months. Because recruiters were able to ask prerequisite questions during one-way digital interviews, CCSD recruiters were able to reduce the average time hiring managers spent reviewing applications from 5 hours per candidate to 2 hours per candidate. Effective screening helps recruitment teams decrease their time to fill a position by pushing top candidates through the interviewing process faster.

Effective Communication Between Interviews

So much of a recruiter’s time is spend emailing and calling candidates trying to coordinate a time that works best for the recruiter and candidate to conduct the interview. No one enjoys phone or email tag, so many of our clients use the Scheduler to allow candidates to self-schedule interviewing times based off of the recruiter’s set availability. By eliminating back and forth emailing, recruiters are able to increase their work productivity.

Sharing Candidate Interviews

It’s hard enough coordinating schedules between the recruiter and candidate, but adding a third party to the equation makes things even more complicated. Record your digital interviews with candidates so that you can share the interview with your coworker, client, or whomever would be working with the candidate for their opinion. Digital interviews help recruiters create a collaborative hiring process hassle free.


Digital interviews save recruiters time and money while increasing productivity and efficiency. To learn more about how digital interviews have helped our clients save on valuable resources, schedule a time to chat with us!

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