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Efficiency is a valuable commodity. If it is true, as they say, that time is money, time searching for a candidate, reviewing stacks upon stacks of resumes, talking to candidates on the phone, clearing a calendar for multiple people to be involved in first and then second round interviews, all of that is money out the window. Not to mention the work not being done, opportunities lost, and decreased productivity.

But there are opportunities to make the hiring process go faster, smoother, and more efficiently. Digital interviews can help streamline the whole operation. How, you ask? Simple:

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process With Digital Interviews 1. Evaluate Candidates on a Deeper Level

One-way digital interviews can be used to quickly evaluate candidates and screen them based on more than their paper qualifications. If a candidate is clearly not a good fit, they will readily be eliminated before much time is spent on them. And the evaluation of one-way digital interviews can occur at the convenience of the recruiter alone without having to clear or check multiple calendars. This means that candidates who are not viable for a role get their answers sooner and less time is…

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