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Schools are officially in session, which means Human Resource teams all over the country are gearing up for another season of college recruitment. You may have heard of many recruiters using video interview software to connect with candidates, and we’re here to give you the low down as to why this is their go-to tool for recruiting the right soon-to-be college graduates for their organizations.

4 Ways Video Interview Software Aids College Recruitment:

1. Interview for potential

I left college with a resume listing internships, volunteer experience, intramural sport participation, and even two semesters dabbling in a sorority. While these activities didn’t go unnoticed in interviews, recruiters weren’t necessarily looking to hire me off of my experience, but my future potential. Most soon-to-be college graduates aren’t able to say they grew an organization’s customer base by x amount of customers in y amount of time during their internships- rather, college graduates are selling recruiters on their soft skills and ability learn during the start of their career. Video interview software helps recruiters interview for crucial soft skills like communication skills, personality traits, interpersonal skills, leadership, etc that helps them access whether or not the candidate has the potential to succeed over time. Candidates are able to stand out during their video interviews rather than be lost in a pile of resumes with other classmates listing off their internships and extracurricular actives.

2. Tap into top talent from schools across the country without investing in travel

Organizations invest a hearty amount of time and money into visiting schools to recruit soon-to-be-grads. Video interview software helps organizations recruit from any location without sacrificing valuable resources by connecting with candidates through one-way and live video interviews from any smartphone, computer or tablet connected to the internet. Candidates and recruiters treat video interviews the same as they would an in-person interview through the formality of dress, language and the amount of time they spend preparing for the interview.

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3. Save time with high volume positions

Organizations who are heavy on college recruiting are typically trying to fill high volume entry level roles. Video interview software, specifically one-way video interviews, help recruiters screen a high volume of applicants quickly while identifying the stars of the bunch. With one-way video interviews, recruiters can send candidates prerequisite questions for candidates to complete and recruiters to quickly review on their own time. Recruiters are able to rate each candidate as well as share candidate responses to efficiently organize candidates and identify the ones who are right for their organization. Recruiters are able to identify top candidates at the onset of the interviewing process and push them through the hiring process faster.

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4. Avoid Scheduling Hassles

Between seminars, professor office hours, night classes, and extra curricular commitments, college students have busy schedules that don’t follow the typical 9-5 workday schedule. Video interview software helps recruiters avoid scheduling hassles and connect with graduating college candidates during times that are convenient for both parties. Video interview software like RIVS allows recruiters to sync their work calendars to the interviewing platform without exposing calendar details so that candidates can self select interviewing times based on the recruiter’s availability. Adios phone tag and back and forth emails cluttering your inbox.



Video interview software helps recruiters identify the MVPS of graduating college students capable of bringing value to organizations. To give you a better understanding of how video interview software can leverage your college recruitment strategy, click here to see a live demonstration of RIVS.

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