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Over the past year, the healthcare job market has taken some major turns that have changed the way recruiters recruit top talent for their organizations and many recruiters are turning to video interviews as a hiring solution. The fact of the matter is that there’s a growing demand for healthcare services, however the supply of healthcare providers has simultaneously decreased, with a particular shortage of qualified physicians and nurses. The gap between the supply and demand creates a tense hiring challenge for healthcare recruiters and creates an emphasis on healthcare recruiters using video interviews to find quality talent as quickly as possible.

4 Ways Video Interviews Help Healthcare Recruitment

1. Identify Talent

The number one noted challenge healthcare recruiters face is finding qualified individuals who are capable of completing the responsibilities associated with the role at hand. Video interviews help recruiters access candidates for both hard skills, such as ability to calculate a patient’s blood pressure, as well as soft skills, such as the candidate’s personal skills.

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In video interviews, candidates come to life. They are more than just a name on a resume- they become a person with passion, personality and insight. Video interviews give healthcare recruiters insight into a candidate’s cultural fit and potential at the onset of the interviewing process so that recruiters are only moving forward with quality candidates who are right for their organization.

2. Tap into top Talent all over the World

In addition to identifying cultural fit, video interviews help healthcare recruiters increase their quality of hire and widen their talent pool by reaching candidates outside of their geographical location.”RIVS helps us expand our talent pool by allowing those who live outside of our area participate in a digital interview,” said Kim Caley, Executive Director of Northwest independent School District.

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The ease of sending and completing one-way video interviews or conducting live video interviews opens the doors of opportunities for healthcare recruiters to recruit top talent from all over the world.

3. Create A Convenient Interviewing Process

Reputation is everything among healthcare organizations and if your hiring process is outdated, frustrating, incontinent and unfriendly, you could turn off potentially great candidates. A positive experience however, could attract additional talent because 82% of candidates will share a positive experience with their personal network.

Video interviews:

  • Immediately engage candidates by speeding up the interviewing process and improving communication channels.
  • Help working healthcare candidates interview outside of work hours.
  • Enable candidates to record video interviews from the comfort of their home.

Healthcare recruiters can also add personal touches like branding and welcome/goodbye messages so that candidates don’t feel as though they are submitting their application to a black hole.

4. Reduce Costs Associated with Turnover

Hiring mistakes not only affect the moral of coworkers, but also have financial implications that weaken your organization. One bad hire can cost 2.5x the employee’s salary after recruiting, replacement and on-boarding expenses. Video interviews help healthcare recruiters avoid the cost of a bad hire because they help recruiters hire better quality candidates with the right cultural fit and skills required to complete the job so that the candidates have a higher chance of working out long term.


In conclusion, video interviews help healthcare recruiters solve interviewing problems and create a more efficient hiring process that results in the best quality hires for your organization. If you would like to learn more about how video interviews can impact your healthcare recruitment strategy, schedule a call with RIVS here.


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