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If you are a recruiter, are you doing the best job you can in selecting potential candidates? It’s a tough question to face. But, if you take a good look and what you’re doing right and where you can improve, you can not only improve your own recruiting practices but you can make a difference in your entire employment environment. To start, check out the following five habits of great recruiters and see where you can begin improving.

5 Habits of the Best Recruiters:

1. Staying up to Date with industry trends and role responsibilities.

First of all, how well do you know your industry or potential client base? If you can identify the key characteristics of successful employees because you understand the job that needs to be done, you’re on your way to finding the best people. If, on the other hand you are starting by reading resumes and trying to work people into the positions without really understanding the work and skills needed, you’ve got some room for improvement in your processes.

2. Incorporating innovation into the recruitment strategy.

Second, are you at the top of your game in terms of technology? While some love it, and others dread it, the reality is that most recruitment these days begins online. Whether it’s through social media recruitment, online applications or digital recruitment platforms, today’s recruitment process is centered around technology. Recruiters who choose to turn a blinds eye on technological advancements in recruitment are putting their team and organization at a disadvantage by losing out on potential employees. To stay relevant and cutting edge, be willing to explore different advancements and the opportunities the could bring.

3. Always listening

Third, great recruiters have great listening skills. In order to understand and identify the type of candidate that’s right for a role, you have to be actively listening, paying attention to body language and behaviors, and be able to identify subtle social cues. To strive towards becoming a better listener, reiterate what the candidate says back to the candidate to make sure you are understanding them correctly and following their storyline.

4. Show confidence in recruitment ability

Fourth, you have to be willing to be a competitive sales person and you have to have a positive attitude. Believing in yourself and having confidence in your skills shows in every action that you take. The best recruiters believe they are the best and then present themselves as such. The job can be challenging at times, and there are times when you have to be the one to deliver tough news. But if you can get through those moments with a “think positive” attitude that will shine through and bring comfort to your employer and prospective employees.

5. Trustworthy

Fifth, and finally, be trustworthy. If you say you’re going to do something, be sure to follow through. If circumstances prevent you from doing so that are out of your control, own up to it. You only get one reputation. If yours is for integrity, and if you are known for keeping your word, for maintaining professionalism, and for having a great outlook, you’re in great shape.

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