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Charles Schwab Chief Executive Officer Walt Bettinger recently revealed one of his methods for finding the right job candidate. Arrive for the breakfast interview a bit early and ask the restaurant manager to purposely make a mistake with the candidate’s order. This interview tactic allows Bettinger to see how the potential hire reacts to conflict and adversity, both of which happen regularly in business.

But hiring managers and human resources professionals do not have the time to take every candidate out for a breakfast meeting. Executives are looking for ways to ensure the candidate is the right fit, not only in professional competency but also in office culture and community. Many are turning to personality tests, which rely more on data than on gut feeling or instinct, to find the right employees.

Instead of scanning a resume for precisely edited and possibly overstated qualities and accomplishments, personality tests look at behavior and temperament through a series of questions or even scenarios. These tests can locate the right candidates more quickly and also lower turnover rates, which not only helps with continuity and productivity, but also saves time and money.

Here is a look at 5 modern personality tests that will…

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