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When speaking with clients, the quickest way RIVS has shortened their time to hire upon implementing the platform is by eliminating hours spent screening candidates over the phone. How you ask? By replacing phone screens with one-way video screening.

7 Reasons Why Recruiters use Video Screening:

1. Video Screening Saves Time For Recruiters

Part of the reason why so many applicants are either not hearing back after resume submittal, or not hearing back after phone screens is simply because recruiters are overwhelmed.  Recruiters will spend 20-40 minutes on an initial phone screen, which is a very large chunk of their day, especially when they must screen 3, 4, or more candidates per day.

Through one-way video screening, recruiters set up their phone screen questions in an interviewing template in RIVS and invite hundreds of their candidates to complete the video responses automatically after they submit their application.  Recruiters are able to review candidate responses either as they come in or on their own time from any computer, mobile device or tablet. For those candidates who recruiters know aren’t the right person for the role after one interview answer, recruiters don’t have to watch the rest of the candidate’s interview and can continue on to screen the next candidate.

2. Video Screens Can Be Replayed and Rated

It’s the recruiter’s job to not only listen and engage a candidate on the phone, but also jot down critical information to relay on to the hiring manager and team.  It’s not always the recruiter’s fault, but information is often lost in translation, which affects both the hiring team and the candidate.

One-way video interviews can be watched once, twice, or as many times as the recruiter needs to evaluate that applicant. Recruiters are able to rate candidate responses, write comments and note where they would like candidates to expound upon in their in-person interview.

3. Video Screens Can Be Shared With Other Team Members

After a phone screen, the recruiter or hiring manager will report back to their hiring team.  It’s their job to paint a picture and persuade their coworkers why they should or shouldn’t move that candidate to the next step of the interviewing process.  To relay candidate information, recruiter/hiring manager rely solely on their notes and persuasion skills.

With video screening, the recruiter can simply click a button and send the entire hiring team the video interview and let the candidate speak for him/herself.  It sure is nice to have everyone on the same page, isn’t it?

4. Much Easier on Scheduling

People are busy.  Phone screens force both the interviewer and interviewee to find a sweet spot in their schedule.  When a company adds Video screening to their arsenal, they will submit the questions and additional branding, and then candidates can record video responses whenever it’s convenient for them.  It’s a win for both sides.

5. Ensures Consistent Interviewing

Interview consistency is important, and sometimes a recruiter or hiring manager can get off track on the phone and ask a question they shouldn’t.  One-way video screening ensures that the same questions are asked to each candidate.  Similarly, each candidate will feel confident that they’ve been provided a fair and equal chance at responding to the same questions as their competition.

6. It’s Easier to Gauge a Personality and Cultural Fit

Candidates sometimes need much more than words to convey their interest and excitement for the open job and/or company.  While candidates are able to literally show off their excitement and personality, the company can take a deeper look into their candidate’s body language and personality to see if they would fit in culturally.

7. Video Screening Provides Consistent Branding Throughout the Process

Video screening tools can be branded with the hiring companies logos, colors, etc.  When the company signals a next step or communicates with their candidate through the video interview portal, branding stays consistent to avoid confusion and ensure brand recognition.

Video screening has made our clients’ interviewing lives easier, and we’re confident it can do the same for you. Click here to schedule a time to go over your process!

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