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Want to build your online presence but not sure where to start?  While most jobs seekers and professionals settle on LinkedIn to showcase their resume or portfolio, some want to go the extra step in trying to control their presence online and create other outlets to be found by recruiters and hiring managers.

The question becomes where and how to do it.  Here’s  a list of 7 tools to get your creative juices flowing and get you started:

1. Personalized Domain

Purchasing a personalized domain such as yourname.com or .me is probably the most flexible way to express yourself online, but also the most work.  In addition to buying the domain, you will need to purchase a hosting service if you don’t already have one, and figure out how you are going to build your page.  You could pay a professional graphic designer or use a service such as WordPress or Tumblr to customize your page.  In addition to just posting your resume, you also have the option of creating a blog or additional content that expresses who you are professionally.

2. About.me

About.me is a free service that allows you to create a simple, dynamic 1-page display all about you.  The service also offers some great analytics on who is viewing your page. The benefit to a service like this is you can display a brief bio or overview and then use the site to direct your visitors to additional information around the web about you, helping to control your online presence.

3. Flavors.me

Flavors.me is very similar to About.me, also providing analytics and a simple format, but with a few added touches here and there.  Play with them both to see which one you like or use them both.  You can upgrade to the paid version of Flavors.me to add features like a custom domain or optimized mobile viewing.

4. Vizualize.me

Vizualize.me takes your traditional resume and gives it a makeover. They’re tasking themselves  to create an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant and fun with a vision to become the future of resumes.   As a bonus, not only can you create a visually interesting resume online, you can have it printed on a t-shirt and promote yourself wherever you go–not for everyone, but could be a great strategy for some more outgoing individuals.

5. Re.Vu

ReVu is very similar to Vizualize.me with a few more bells and whistles in building out your career details.  The idea behind ReVu is not to just share a resume, but to share your story, in a visually compelling manner.

6. VisualCV

VisualCV is another great way to showcase your resume online, but takes a little more of the traditional resume approach rather than the visually stunning, creative approach.  With VisualCV you can also attach audio, video, images, and other files that are relevant to your work experience and skill sets.  The site also allows for sharing of your VisualCV via email and your social networks.

7. ResumUp

ResumUp is another fun tool we ran across that lets you combine creating a visually appealing graphic resume with a traditional format.  It starts by crunching the data from one of your social networks (Facebook or LinkedIn) and then allows you to continue to customize the data showcasing your career development and  defining your future goals.


You might also consider posting a video resume online if you’re not camera shy.  There are traditional services like YouTube which you can utilize, but a quick search for video resumes will give you a host of tools and services you can utilize.

Have fun creating an online experience for recruiters and hiring managers to find you and learn more about you online.  But remember, building your online presence is just one tool in your tool box to land a job or gain professional exposure.

You might get excited about creating a visually stunning resume, but it’s no substitute for the real thing, so don’t forget to devote time to the basics in your job search like editing your traditional resume, building out a plan for your search, etc.

And, don’t forget to keep a list of where you put yourself online and the pages you create. You never know when you might want to remove a page, edit it, or update it, as there’s nothing worse than having outdated or incorrect information about you for everyone to stumble upon.

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