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Whether you’re a recruiter or hiring manager there are certain personalities that you’ve encountered during the recruitment process that make you wish you’d called ahead to take a personal day.

If you’re a job seeker, be weary of showing up as one of these 8 personalities hiring managers hate to interview:

The Sycophant

Look up Sycophant in the dictionary, and you’ll find an apt definition like ‘fawning parasite.’  We’ve all encountered a few brownnosers and the occasional ‘yes-man’ or woman of the pack that seem to agree with everything a person says and would follow the CEO off a cliff, if suggested. But, the Sycophant takes this to a whole new level, latching on to every word of the interviewer like a succubus and cyber stalking them until they feel the need to join the witness protection program.

The Narcissist

While the Sycophant was all about the interviewer, the Narcissist is all about themselves.  Their ego is so inflated they carry around their own bicycle pump to keep it topped off.  They are oblivious to the eye rolls and raised brows of the interviewer because they’re too busy catching their reflection on the surface of the metal clip of their pens and going on about how grateful you should be that they took the time out of their schedule to come by.

The Rambler

Get stuck in a room with The Rambler and you may have to reschedule your entire afternoon.  You’re sure you already shook hands and said goodbye, but it’s been half an hour and they’re still talking–about what, no one really knows.  The Rambler has a gift for making time seem to both stand still and fly by simultaneously while nothing gets accomplished.

Negative Nancy

The Negative Nancy  needs no real introduction.  We all wonder how they managed to get through the screening process to the interview.  Did they just roll way off the wrong side of the bed that morning?  The Negative Nancy can be potentially hazardous to any inexperienced interviewer who falls prey to their tirades and allows them to rub off and taint the office spirit for the day.

The Rollercoaster

From shrieks of excitement to tears of sorrow, The Rollercoaster takes us on a ride during the interview.  This job candidate goes through every emotion during the interview process trying to grab our attention and empathy for their situation in order to land the job.  Mostly, we just end up feeling sorry for them and exhausted after the interview.

The Over-sharer

The Over-sharer can often be mistaken for The Rambler or The Rollercoaster but they are the kings of TMI (Too Much Information.)  These candidates spill everything from their personal dating history, to opening their mouths about their private opinions of your desk hygiene.  The most common reaction to The Over-Sharer is, “Did they really just say that!”  And, yes, yes they did, and now you have to try to forget it so you can conduct a proper interview.

The Name-Dropper

Like The Narcissist, The Name-Dropper has a high level of arrogance but mostly due to the fact that they’ve been referred to the position or they know many high level or famous people.  Every example they respond with drips of their experience with ‘so and so’ celebrity or current employee and they conclude with wanting to know when you expect them to start the job.  Oh, and don’t forget they want special dispensation and maybe a sign-on bonus because they know the boss.

The Poser

This job candidate is obviously not what they seem, and sometimes not what they seem to seem they seem. Getting confused yet?  That’s how the interviewer feels when confronted with The Poser.  The Poser obviously overstated or blatantly made up everything on their resume and faked their way through the prescreening.  Now arriving to the interview overdressed and wreaking of cheap cologne, you can already tell they’re trying too hard to be something they’re not.  And yet, they don’t seem to notice they’re not what they think they’re trying to be.  Best just to nod and smile and try not to connect the dots where they don’t exist and move on to the next applicant.

Know a few more iconic personalities we’ve missed?  Let us know in the comments below so job seekers can check and make sure they’re not personifying a character that makes hiring managers go running for the hills and by-passing them for the next candidate in line.

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