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Think you have a strong company culture?  Are you trying to develop and promote strong values among your workforce?  Does company culture and ‘fit’ play a big part in your hiring decisions?  Do you infuse your culture in all aspects of your business, including the talent acquisition process?

Culture isn’t just big for companies in developing their corporate identity, it’s also important to job seekers.  If you think that a future employee only starts to identify with your company from the day they start work with you, think again.

Every interaction a job seeker has with your company, from consumer, to casual observer, to potential new hire, they are being exposed to your culture and trying to connect with it.

By the time they sit down to a job interview, it’s not only decision time for you, but for the candidate as well.  It’s make or break on both sides of the table.

In the same way a candidate may look great on paper but presents completely differently in person,  having an interview process that isn’t aligned with the rest of a company’s culture can throw off job seekers and often make them feel the company is misrepresenting themselves.

Whether it’s a true perception or not, this is the reality a candidate experiences.  You may have a fantastic company, but if the interview process is disorganized, out-dated, or even just plain boring, you could have great talent second guessing if this is where they want to grow their career.

Ask yourself, do you have a culture infused interview process?  Does the hiring cycle align with the philosophies and views of the company?

Don’t know?  Think about the values your company holds in high regard–what does your organization espouse both internally and externally?

If you’re an old school firm that’s very serious, cut and dry, do you structure your interviews in a similar atmosphere to attract the conventional, type A personalities who thrive in this setting, or is your process disorganized and drawn out causing them to be turned off and walk away from a fantastic opportunity.

Is your company a mecca for creativity?  Then, don’t get caught asking the same dull interview questions that every other organization uses–introduce some originality and fun into the process that excites the type of job seekers you want to attract.

Are you an entrepreneurial organization that has a casual atmosphere and invites diverse backgrounds and self expression?  Then are you really giving the right impression in a 3-piece suit come interview time?

If your company thrives on technology, innovation, and creativity, are you showcasing this during the application and interview cycle?  If you’re still working from paper resumes and phone calls, you might want to think about getting on the cutting edge of recruitment technology–try infusing things like video, social media, and a paperless process.  Otherwise job seekers may think you’re behind the times.

The interview process isn’t just about evaluation; it’s still a strong part of the candidate attraction piece that many companies give little attention to.  By integrating your company culture into the process, you are providing applicants with a better preview of what they can expect  working there.

What is your talent acquisition cycle saying about you as a company?  Are you friendly, uptight, or chaotic?  Does it showcase your core values or social responsibility?

If you’re not infusing your culture into your application and interview process, you’re not only losing out on a valuable tool to attract the right talent, but you’re losing a critical opportunity for both you and the candidate to make a better informed decision on fit.

After all, it’s better for both sides to clearly assess fit during the interview process than to find out after a bad hiring decision is made and have to start all over.  Do you have a culture infused interview process?

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