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Job searches can be frustrating. At first, you’re overwhelmed by putting together your resume and may not be sure if you’re even “doing it right.” Then, you begin searching for open positions and hopefully find a few roles that sound like a good fit, and you apply. After a few weeks, your excitement fades as you’re waiting to hear back from employers, and you begin applying to other jobs in the meantime. Soon, you’re applying for anything that sounds remotely related to your experience or that you would realistically learn how to do. Before you know it, you’ve applied to almost a hundred jobs that you aren’t qualified for.

Maybe you haven’t reached 100 applications yet, but it may feel like it if your search isn’t yielding any fruit. What do you do if you’re applying for jobs without any luck?

Employers know your type, and they know what you can do differently to catch their eye. Check out the  video now to learn why you may be applying for jobs without any luck.

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