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With rising education costs, a faltering economy, and unemployment rates that still leave many searching for better days ahead, everyone is looking for new alternatives to get a step ahead.  For those just entering the job market, many roles that used to be filled by people with only a High School Diploma are now requiring college degrees because of the competition among applicants.

Technology is also displacing some workers, while the demand for skilled labor remains high, despite unemployment reports.  There has to be a better solution, which we’re all struggling to find.

Some people say that it’s now a necessity to get a college degree to get a job, but others are pushing for companies to implement apprenticeship style programs (which have remained popular in Europe over the decades) to train workers, fill employment gaps, and decrease the amount of debt would-be job seekers may incur going for a degree instead.

Others see apprenticeships as outdated and not able to meet the demands of what our labor force requires or that it’s a step back in where our labor force should be concentrating.

What’s your thought?  Do you think apprenticeship style programs are a part of the solution to decrease unemployment and fill gaps in skilled labor?

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