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happy enough to get the job

Most people think if they have the right skills and a desire to do the work they are a shoe in for a job opening.  But, attitude can be one of the largest determining factors on whether or not you land the role.

Let’s face it, you can be the best in the industry at what you do, but if you’re difficult to work with, often companies will turn to the next candidate in line.

One of the biggest determining factors in landing your next job is you.  And if you’re looking for job satisfaction in your next position, it starts before you ever land the role, with yourself.  Have you asked yourself if you are happy enough to get the job?

Why does being happy matter in your job interview (and ultimately your next job?)

Because if you are happy with yourself, negative forces are less likely to affect your actions.  The contentment you have within drives away dissatisfaction and allows you to focus on the positive.  And interviewers look for the positive.

When you put yourself up for a role, hiring managers want to see that you are an asset to their team.  They want to know that you can work well with others, engage with clients (both internally and externally), and that you can be a problem solver and not a complainer.

Unhappy people do not excel in these areas.  And it’s a cognitive process that you have control over.  When you feel good, you’re more flexible and creative, and you are able to see the world in a much more manageable perspective. (An added bonus is happy people have more energy, as unhappy people can be fatigued by their depressive state.)

If you don’t bring your happiness to the interview, it’s likely you’re not going to be very engaging.  And the interview is supposedly when you’re at your best–so if you can’t do it then, who’s to say you’re going to bring everything you’ve got to the job from day 1?

An interviewer is likely to mentally check out during the interview process and elect not to hire you if you can’t capture their attention.  And capturing their attention can be as easy as a contagious smile or infectious attitude.

Still need convincing?  Check out this article on why companies should be hiring happy people.

So how do you get happy and turn your attitude from luke-warm to radiating happiness?  It’s really up to you. Some people can just make the decision to be happy, for others, it’s a process.

Try gratitude.  Focus on the positive moments in your life and be thankful for all that has been given to you, big and small.

Be compassionate.  Sometimes the act of sharing happiness and kindness with others can reflect internally.

Get outside and get active.  Remind yourself that there’s more to life than this one job you’re focused on getting.

Journal.  Write about your experiences each day to uncover what makes you content or truly joyful and what brings you down.  Don’t like the idea of keeping a ‘diary’ of sorts?  We found this great, fun tool online that will help you study and track your happiness: Illuum.

The best thing about being happy, is that when you are happy, you attract more happiness.  So when you go into that next job interview, focus on the positive–because whether or not you get it, if you are focused on yourself and your own happiness first, the right job will be just around the corner waiting for you.

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