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Millions of young people want to find that truly meaningful career, but they struggle amid a deluge of options and unknowns. How can they predict what the economy will be like after graduation? Which occupations provide career security? What college education do they need, and where should they pursue it?

To help answer these questions, CareerBuilder created Find Your Calling, a free, national website that guides students and their parents to their ideal career and education, based on the students’ interests and personality. Interactive and user-friendly, Find Your Calling lets visitors explore comprehensive, real-time labor market data for any occupation in the US—including job growth projections, salary ranges, businesses that are hiring, and relevant college programs.

Here’s how it works. Find Your Calling starts with a simple personality test that assesses the student’s likes and job-type preferences. It then produces a list of top careers and overviews of the required education, including associated majors and schools that specialize in the field. With just a few clicks, Find Your Calling helps connect students and future employers by providing simple but compelling data that is easy to digest and immediately actionable. And students can continue to mold their career path by coming back to the site as often as they like.

Find Your Calling has gained a lot of attention. It was first showcased at the White House during a meeting that addressed youth employment. From there, it has gained momentum as a resource to help students and their parents become more knowledgeable career and education consumers. Here is more on why we are doing this.

Open information and resources to empower your education
One of the groups that was hurt the most by the Great Recession was recent college graduates – many of whom paid a high price for making decisions about what areas of study and major they would pursue with little to no understanding of the economic consequences of such decisions. As a result, these graduates were faced with a lean job market that frequently them to take on jobs that didn’t utilize their degree or require their level of education. Much of the economic recovery has been led by occupations that require more specialized and technical STEM related education and training. If they had known this, would graduates who entered the job market during the recession have repeated their education decisions?

A nationwide CareerBuilder study found that 41 percent of workers wish they had had more guidance when choosing their career.1 Moreover, another CareerBuilder study found that nearly 1 in 4 high school seniors (24 percent) said they have no idea what career they want to pursue.2

Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of “The Talent Equation,” believes having the right economic information and insight can solve these issues. As he says: “The skills gap in our country is in large part an ‘information gap.’ Many young people are unaware of jobs that are in high demand, pay well, and are aligned with what they’re passionate about. Find Your Calling is our way to help solve the youth unemployment problem in the U.S. and replace guesswork with eye-opening data needed to choose the right career. The information is presented in a fun, engaging way to empower students to take on 21st-century jobs.”

It is more important than ever to help educate and empower today’s students for the future. Find Your Calling does just that by helping users make informed decisions about their career path based on who they are and what they want to accomplish.

1 CareerBuilder’s “The Shocking Truth About the Skills Gap” report, 2014

2 CareerBuilder’s Q2 2015 nationwide survey of 210 high school seniors conducted by Harris Poll, June 2015

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