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It isn’t an easy task to convert your internship program into a permanent job. It all depends on your performance throughout your internship which usually consists of several weeks to months of work. The company evaluates you throughout the period on how you are performing, your behavior and interactions with your team members, and what you have achieved.

And, the relationship you build with your manager is one of the most vital things you should never neglect during your career. They understand your abilities, work mentality, and persona. When you see a job ad at a company you would really like to work for, but it is for just a short-term project, think about taking the challenge. Stick to the following ways, and you could possibly flip that short-term job into a full-time career.


  1. Opt for using temporary placement firms carefully. Hunt for companies which concentrate on discovering jobs in your area. Inquire who their most significant customers are and explore these organizations. Register or apply if you feel you want to work with them.
  2. Dress up and respond professionally all the time. Avoid the enticement to dress more casually than your co-workers. Be sincere of everyone even if others deal with a particular co-worker badly.
    Focus on your self-confidence. Long term employees are likely to treat temps as slackers, most likely from bad experiences. Just let their mentality roll off your back and continue to keep doing decent work.
  3. Clearly show you are supportive and sincere by saying yes to any task asked of you that is within reason. If you are not exploited by those above you, do chores which are new to you yet are tedious to your co-workers since they are used to them.
  4. Provide assistance in cases when you wrap up your duties early. This is an excellent way to highlight other skills and experiences you’ve had that are not used the role you were provided. Be prepared to leave work a little later, if necessary, to finish more tasks appropriately.
  5. Interact socially with individuals who are around you even when they do not appear to act in response at first. Offer up to grab coffee for co-workers or grab items like bagels or donuts for breakfast on occasion. Identify festivities like birthday celebrations or engagements after you find out about them and share your congratulations.
  6. Inquire about a permanent position once you hear about an internal job opening that your manager might endorse your for or if the temporary tasks are going to end. Check out different departments in the firm, expose yourself and then forward a cover letter and CV to other department managers if you feel your abilities may be helpful to them.

Suggestions & Warnings

  • Be cautious about over-pleasing in your temporary employment. Nobody likes a know-it-all.
  • Think about moving on after a year in case your application for an permanent job was rejected.
  • Stay away from taking part in office gossip.
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