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Wondering why you didn’t land that promotion? Newsflash: It may not have anything to do with your actual work performance. A new CareerBuilder survey shows there are other lesser-known factors that play into employers’ decisions to offer promotions.

From piercings to tattoos, the way a person looks can alter employers’ perceptions of them — in a negative way — when it’s time for a promotion.

And it isn’t just a person’s physical appearance — unfortunately, there are certain behaviors or attitudes that can thwart an employee’s attempt at getting a promotion as well.

In light of these findings, how can you present yourself in such a way that increases the likelihood of you getting a promotion?

Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder, offers this advice:

“In addition to on-the-job accomplishments, employers also take attitude, behavior and appearance into consideration when deciding who deserves to move up in the ranks. While your work performance may be strong, if you’re not presenting yourself in a professional manner, it may be preventing your superiors from taking you seriously.”

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