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We all dream of making it to the top, even if it may not be in our foreseeable future. Whether it’s breaking through the glass ceiling of corporate America, founding the next hot startup, or dreaming of the Oval Office, we our visions focus on the notoriety, power, and prestige of such positions and what we might do holding such roles.

But what happens when you get to the top and it’s not all sunshine and roses?

There have been many recent departures of leadership as of late from Andrew Mason of Groupon’s firing to Joe Kennedy of Pandora’s decision to step down from 10 years of success for personal issues, to even the honorable pope leaving his pulpit.

While, we might all hope we know when we should step down or are no longer serving our organizations, fired or leaving on your own accord, there are preferred ways to go out in style: like Mason’s graceful departure letter to employees that positions him well for the next phase of his career.

And there are those individuals like of Greg Smith of Goldman Sachs’s fame whose brazenness in posting a New York Times op-ed denouncing the company culture we both admire and ridicule, secretly wishing we had the resolve to burn bridges and tell people what we really think.

If you ever do reach it to the top and are in the position of having to remove yourself from a post, which way would you hope to go out?  What’s your departure style?

And for today’s birdfeud we ask: In your dreams (not in real life) which way would you like to go out? With poise and grace (Andrew Mason style) or with flair and spectacle (Greg Smith style)?

Vote/tweet in this week’s birdfeud and share your additional thoughts in the comments section below the feud!

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