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Managing Your Personal Brand OnlineThe importance of your personal brand is constantly being stressed as an integral part of your career development.  Whether looking for your next job or being open to passive employment opportunities, your online identity is becoming critical in how people perceive who you are and what you stand for.

Most of us know how important it is to keep track of our online reputation, but how many of us are actively monitoring what appears on search rankings and in social networks?  Is your online presence something you only manage during your job search or do you consistently oversee how you are being portrayed on the internet?

While some of us pause before hitting a like button or sharing an article or photo, other people take the position that they are their own brand and any filtering of that would be a discredit to who they are—which is what they are selling to potential employers.  And still others take the stance that what they do on social networks and outside of work shouldn’t be factored into their potential job performance.

Whether it’s using software to keep an eye on your search results or handpicking each social share to form the perfect image of what you want to look like online, how actively do you manage your personal brand online and how important is managing it to you?

Let us know in this week’s birdfeud: How important is it to you to manage your personal brand online?

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