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slinging ink for a raise

When I was growing up, I recall people auctioning off summer tans in the form of company logos on eBay or offering to cover their vehicles in advertising to their companies for a fee.  One New York realty company is taking it up a notch and rewarding company loyalty in a more permanent way.

If you haven’t seen the story, here’s what’s happening: Anthony Lolli, founder of Rapid Realty, a Brooklyn-based real estate company, has offered his employees a 15%, permanent raise if they get a tattoo of the company logo anywhere on their body.

Now that’s one way to show company loyalty and quite a commitment (not just on the permanency of a tattoo, but exploring religious and social stigma as well for some individuals.) And apparently over 80 of his 800 employees have already gotten inked.  We’re sure the publicity from the incentive hasn’t hurt business either.

So our birdfeud this week is quite simple:  Would you get a permanent tattoo of your company logo in exchange for a permanent salary hike?

Vote/tweet in this week’s birdfeud and share your additional thoughts in the comments section below.

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