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mobile recruitingMobile has been a big trend in the recruitment process the past few years with more and more candidates using their smart phones as a tool in their job hunt, from searching job boards, to applying, to even conducting video interviews.

The development of new mobile technology to assist the process is growing steadily to meet the demand, however the question remains if it’s being utilized yet to its full potential or if mobile is actually creating more clutter in an already muddled system?

For example, with features such as one-click apply, candidates can now rapidly apply to many jobs without customization of resumes or cover letters creating a larger influx of applicants.  It sounds great in theory, but are we creating a case of quantity over quality and then having to take longer to sort through to find the needle in the haystack fit for the position?

But, attributes such as video interviewing by mobile allow candidates to get back to recruiters on their own time and provide a more intimate introduction to who they are prior to deciding whether to bring them in for an interview.

There are many pros and cons, but we want to know your take on the current state of mobile recruiting.  Is it creating more chaos in the process or is it solving problems.  Vote/Tweet in this week’s birdfeud!  And feel free to share additional thoughts on what you’re seeing in the comments below!

Is the current state of mobile recruiting helping or hurting the recruitment process?

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