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Job Interview Stress

Most of us don’t like interviewing, or at the very least, there are other things we’d rather be spending our time doing.  And for many, there is quite a bit of stress associated with the job interview process. But, it’s one of those necessary evils that get us to the greater outcome of securing a job.

The entire process is filled with obstacles from finding the right jobs to apply to, perfecting your resume, practicing your pitch and then there is landing the interview itself, picking the right outfit, making it on time, maintaining eye contact, worrying about your handshake and putting your best foot forward.  After which, there is the aftermath of waiting to see if all of your hard work paid off.

We want to know what’s more stressful for you in the process: preparing for the job interview or the actual job interview itself?

Vote/Tweet in this week’s birdfeud and share your thoughts regarding job interview stress and where you experience the most in the process via your tweets and the comments section below.  Feel free to share any tips you might have for overcoming these obstacles as well.

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