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As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. In recruitment, your district’s first impression with candidates is during the interviewing process, which sets the stage for their entire candidate experience. The impression that candidates receive through the candidate experience is so important in attracting and retaining top talent that 61% of candidates who have a positive interviewing experience will actively encourage friends and colleagues to apply to the district. Digital interviews create an improved candidate experience by helping candidates put their best foot forward and enhancing the lines of communication between candidates and recruiters.

A Better Candidate Experience

Interviewing candidates with digital interviews is an opportunity to create an exceptional candidate experience that pushes top candidates through the interviewing process faster. Take Eric Torres. Torres is a Field Energy Consultant at SolarCity who completed a RIVS one-way written interview as a screening step in the SolarCity interviewing process before being hired on full time to the company.

Candidate Experience for Written Questions

Example of a RIVS one-way written interview question.

“I really feel like the written interview enhanced my interviewing process,” Torres says. “By receiving written questions to respond to, I was able to take a second and really think about my response rather than being on the phone and firing off the first thing that came to my head. Instead, I could gather my thoughts and give the best possible answer.”

Digital interviews give candidates the opportunity to personally share their story through video, written or voice interviews. Candidates are able to provide their best interviewing responses so that recruiters can accurately interview candidates and push the top candidates through the process faster- a win-win for both the candidate and the recruiter.

“When I received the digital interview from Solar City, I thought it was forward-looking, forward-moving and innovative,” says Torres. “It gave me a positive impression of Solar City because I want to work for a forward-thinking company.”

In a RIVS survey of 4,000+ candidates, 80.5% of them said that they thought their employer was innovative to very innovative for using RIVS Digital Interviews. RIVS helps districts avoid candidate drop off during the interview process and create a positive first impression through an enhanced candidate experience. To see how RIVS can increase your candidate experience, request a free demo of our platform here.

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