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social recruiting tools

We’re always searing the web, social media, and apps stores checking out some of the latest (or overlooked) job tools for the interviewing, the job hunt, and sourcing talent.  Today we’re bringing you a few interesting gems we ran across that are worth checking out.


Whether a job seeker, recruiter, or employer, there’s something at CareerCloud for everyone.  This site is consistently building new apps and tools, all based around social & mobile recruiting, and is worth watching to see what they launch next.  It also hosts a great blogs and useful podcasts.

One of our favorite new apps from CareerCloud is Jobs with Friends, which does a great job of simplifying the referral process via your social networks.  The Hidden Jobs App also does what it says in helping job seekers to locate potential job opportunities based on company announcements and initiatives, providing proactive seekers with a chance to jumpstart their research and networking to land a role.

Employers are definitely not left out with unique apps like InstaJob which allows you to take any image and turn it into an instant visual job ad to share via your social channels.  If you were struggling on ways to get your hiring initiatives better integrated with social media, this is a fun tool to try.  Check out all their latest tools and apps at www.careercloud.com


Ever wanted to learn how to source Google+ Profiles for job candidates or best practices on building and growing your LinkedIn network?  Well Recruitorial is a new site providing online training videos for recruiters made by recruiters.  While content is limited right now, the site shows good promise in providing relevant videos for novice recruiters and experts alike.

With most videos lasting under 15 minutes, Recruitorial provides an easy options for anyone interested in learning new recruiting skills to save time and money while focusing in on only those training videos that are relevant to what they want to learn.  We’re excited to see how the content continues to grow along with the site and that video is being embraced as a consumption medium.

A few things to note:  We did have some trouble accessing the training videos via a Chrome browser, but when we popped over to Firefox, they played fine.  Also, you will be required to input your email address to view your first training video.

Job Seekers, inside tip: if you’re interested to learn how recruiters might find you online, these videos can provide some great insights and help you modify your online presence to get found faster.


Some people may be getting tired of job boards and job board aggregators, but they’re still a very relevant way to find job postings in order to apply and land an interview.  Granted is yet another job board aggregator (like Indeed or SimplyHired), but it’s brought to you by the Employment Research Institute and as of yet, is not cluttered with tons of ads like other aggregators, has a format that is easy to view jobs, and some great filtering options (like function, industry, location, or job type) to help you drill down into the openings that are of most interest to you.

Granted is free to use and registration is simple and hassle-free. Employers and recruiters can also get free publicity for their job postings via the site in front of millions of targeted job seekers.  With many aggregators out there, we’ll see how Granted gives the competition a run for their money.  So far, we’ve enjoyed our experience testing it out.

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