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Case Study: Hoovers, Inc. Creates a Successful Talent Management Process

Hoover's turned to Zapoint SkillsMapper™, a unique employee career development tool that has transformed their succession planning process with a 'holistic' approach of “succession development.” SkillsMapper provides Hoover's with a collaborative, employee-driven learning framework that engages employees with a unique profile application that maps employees skills and qualifications against the future needs of the business. Download this case study to learn more about how Zapoint is helping Hoover's make better talent decisions....

HR Blog Roundup

It’s Friday, a great time to reflect on the week that was, and the best blog articles that we’ve read this week. At RIVS we read a lot of about interviews and talent acquisition, but also many articles that are more broadly about HR technology or just HR in general. Here are some of our favorite finds from this week....