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You’ve probably either heard or even said the phrase “time is money” once or twice before. And it’s true, the amount of time an employee wastes trying to work through their role’s pain points during the work days costs your organization significant dollars. HR teams run on tight budgets and can’t afford to lose money spending their time working on issues that have a solution. Digital interviews are an investment that reals in far more benefits than the cost of the platform by helping recruiters focus on their job, be more productive, and spend less time spinning their wheels.

How Digital Interviews Save Time to Save Money

It’s no secret that recruiters are flooded with resumes for every open position they advertise. In order to weed out the unqualified candidates, they have to spend a tremendous amount of time first reading resumes, then calling potential candidates, then setting up and scheduling interviews, and that’s just for a first round of applicants, only some of whom are worth considering. But what if that whole process could be streamlined? We compiled a few of the major areas where digital interviews save recruitment teams time, equating to money saved.

Candidate Phone Screens

Digital interviews minimize workday time spent on the phone with candidates who clearly do not have the right skills for the job. No more wasted time giving each applicant a significant chunk of work time when they are clearly not the right candidate for a position. With a one-way digital interview, when you’ve seen enough, you’ve seen enough.

Scheduling Candidate Interviews

Digital interviews help recruiters avoid loosing valuable time in back and forth communication with candidates coordinating interview schedules. A great digital interview program doesn’t only offer one-way and live video, written and phone interviews, it also coordinates your schedule so that the applicants you choose to have do so can fit themselves into the times you declare yourself to be available. No more phone tag or multiple email chains to accomplish this!

In-Person Interviews

If your average interview lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, and you interview 10 people, that is anywhere from 2.5 to 5 hours of staff time. If only 3 of those candidates were actually viable, that means that you lost anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 hours of time spent with candidates who you realized the moment you interacted with them that they weren’t right for the role.

With one-way digital interviews, recruiters create interview templates with questions for each role choosing whether the candidates respond by written, oral, or video answers to questions. Then you review their answers and credentials at your leisure and to easily narrow the field of applicants who truly should be brought in for personal interviews.

Digital interviews help recruitment team save considerable money by saving them time in the hiring process. To learn more about how digital interviews can save your HR team on costs, schedule a one-on-one consultation with us.

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