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Looking specifically for “culture fits” is one of the biggest mistakes a tech startup can make.

Yet, with so many tech industry giants incessantly reiterating the importance of “culture fit,” it’s easy for startups to fall into that trap. In reality, the kind of people startups need is fundamentally different.

The corporate behemoths need employees who can fall in line — who fit right in, get along, and play nice with fellow employees.

Startups, on the other hand, need employees who are more inspiring, more original and more impactful.

Hiring is the first thing young companies must get right when it comes to culture.

“Culture Fit” Has No Value

It’s easy for an employee to consume the culture at one of those big companies. Who doesn’t like to be paid well, have more freedom, and work alongside smart colleagues? Who doesn’t want to have great amenities? Who doesn’t want to work at a fast-growing company that helps them grow as well?

Smart startups realize they can easily find anyone off the street who will probably love to fit right in. But if they are not actively contributing, then they are actively draining the company culture. The mission and values of…

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