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Digital interviews are most often used for talent acquisition, but over the years we’ve had a couple other use cases that have evolved organically and taken on a life of their own. One such case is the use of digital interviews for sales training. Although we can’t claim that we had the foresight to design RIVS around this use case, it turns out that it’s become one of the more popular non-traditional use cases for our solution.

Why? Well, for the large number of sales professionals that spend their days on the phone speaking with prospects, a bit of realistic and timely coaching can make a huge difference in their day-to-day effectiveness. Role playing via a digital interview is one of the more efficient ways of putting this theory into practice.

Digital Interviews to Role Play a Cold Call

Suppose you had a bank of interview questions that are of the format: “I’m a (insert profession here) and you’ve called me on a (insert day of week here) at (insert time here), to explore my needs for (insert problem/solution here). You just got my voicemail — please leave a message.”

A fleet of questions of this format, teed up in RIVS Digital Interviews, could be ready-to-go at your disposal anytime, to deploy to early-career business development reps that need a little bit of practice to get to prime time.

Coaching Based on Responses

The audio recordings (or video if you like) of the salespersons’ responses become a very real-world sample of what that rep is most likely saying on real voicemails (and calls) with real prospects. Given a set of perhaps 10-15 practice responses from a salesperson, we’ll bet that your VP of Sales will have some feedback about what could have been said differently, or perhaps even a few words about tone, pace, and confidence.

Want to get quantitative with your evaluations? Use our 5-star rating system to rate each response, then sit down with the salesperson and talk through the weakest and the strongest ones.

What Else?

Got a non-traditional use case for digital interviews that you wish we’d feature on this blog? Drop us a line, we’re very interested in hearing about the creative ways that you’ve been using RIVS. Or, contact us 1:1 for a demo if you’d simply like to learn more about how digital interviews could turbocharge your organization.

Originally posted at http://blog.rivs.com/2015/09/digital-interviews-as-a-sales-training-tool/

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