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We’ve noticed recently that there has been an uptick in RIVS customers using digital interviews to fill retail sales positions. Although we’re still gathering insights from our retail-focused customers to understand the trend, one thing is clear: a good hire for retail is a hire that has the personality, attitude, and communications skills to confidently interact with customers that walk in the door.

To that end, it makes sense that there would be an increased interest in digital interviews for retail.

Digital Interviews: Retail Interview Questions

Paraphrasing, here are some of the types of interview questions that we tend to see in interviews for retail positions:

  1. A customer brings in merchandise that they want to return, and they seem a bit upset about it. How would you try to turn this situation into a positive?
  2. You are helping a customer who wants a model/item that is out of stock, and you personally don’t have information about when it’ll be back in stock. No one else is around to give you that information. What do you do?
  3. A customer has been in the store for a few minutes, you’ve already greeted them politely, and they’ve said they are “just looking” — what would you do to strike up conversation with them?
  4. The store is closing in 1 minute, but a customer rushes in with some complex requests. How would you approach the situation?
  5. A customer is on the verge of choosing an item that seems to be the wrong item for their needs. They rush to the register to purchase it, and seem hurried. What do you do?
  6. In the past month, you’ve outsold your colleagues by a substantial amount, and you’ve been recognized for it. You didn’t realize you were that far ahead! What do you do now?
  7. You suspect that a colleague has been taking home returned merchandise, but you can’t be entirely sure. What do you do?

Why are these questions so effective in a digital interview? Because you get a more candid response, when you set the practice thresholds low and therefore get candidates to respond with very little preparation time.

Retailers that Love Digital Interviews

What kinds of retailers have we seen using digital interviews? A huge variety, but retailers in the following segments have been particularly savvy in their adoption of digital interviews: clothing/fashion retailers, grocers, consumer electronics retailers, department stores, and automotive retailers.

As we work with an increasing number of retailers, we’re always glad to help with initial setup of digital interview questions and workflows, to help clients adopt best practices that have been broadly effective for retailers. Just drop us a line for a 1:1 demo if you’d like to chat!

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