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In a candidate driven market where attracting and hiring top talent has become increasingly competitive, the candidate experience is finally getting the attention it deserves. Recruiters and hiring teams are investing in creating a candidate experience that is as seamless and enjoyable as possible to attract, engage and retain top candidates. For many companies, digital interviewing platforms have not only proven to be an aid for recruiters, but a solution to creating a better candidate experience with digital interviews. Steve Schriefer, a recent hire at The WFC Group as the Implement Consultant, interviewed entirely through digital interviews and shared with us his interviewing experience.

Digital Interviews From a Candidate’s Perspective:

Unfamiliar with digital interviews, Schriefer didn’t know what to expect when he received an invitation from The WFC Group to complete a one-way digital interview after applying online. “Once I got started, completing the one-way digital interview was pretty straightforward. I liked how I received my questions ahead of time so that I could go over them and give a well thought out response,” said Schriefer. By receiving his interview questions ahead of time, Schriefer was able to prepare his answers so that he could fully showcase his skills set and knowledge to put his best foot forward.

Schriefer continued, “After the one-way digital interview, I had a live video interview with a panel of four interviewers. I thought the interview was well organized and overall painless.” As a remote candidate, digital interviews allowed Schriefer to interview from the comfort of his home and save on time and money spent traveling to The WFC Group headquarters for interviews. “Digital interviews sped up the interviewing process because I didn’t have to face any of the typical delays you would normally expect interviewing remote, like having to wait until the weekend to travel,” noted Schriefer. “I could interview any day of the week right from my home.”

Between not having to wait weeks between interviews and being able to complete the digital interviews from his home, the digital interviewing experience enhanced Schriefer’s perception of The WFC Group. “I thought it was very innovative of The WFC Group to use digital interviews. It gave me a sense that they were embracing technology changes as well as trying to minimize costs by saving on travel fees.”

A positive candidate experience is vital in successfully attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. For Schriefer, digital interviews created a better candidate experience by allowing him to complete interviews at his convenience from any location and feel confident that he was putting his best foot forward. Are you ready to give candidates a positive interviewing experience that leaves them impressed and eager to join your team? Click here to see a customized demo of RIVS and learn how digital interviews can help you attract, engage and retain top talent.

Originally posted at http://blog.rivs.com/2015/08/digital-interviews-from-a-candidates-perspective/

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